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    Chelsea McSparren

    Buyer Agent

    License Number: 100076638

    Colton Mortag

    Buyer Agent

    License Number: 100055462

    As a Colorado Native who went to college in Fort Collins, Colton truly understands and appreciates all of the wonderful aspects of life on the Front Range. Born here in Denver, he lived briefly in Chicago before the call of the mountains led him back to Colorado. Colton enjoyed a diverse professional background prior to beginning his real estate career- everything from financial planning, to culinary school, to working in the oil fields. As he explored these (many) different careers, Colton fell in love with real estate, as it was the industry he felt could give him the opportunity to positively impact the lives of everyone around him. When asked about his proudest professional moment, Colton referenced his last sale of 2017, just around Christmas, saying "My client was part of the Affordable Housing and was looking to go out on her own. We ended up finding her dream home in the area she sought after most. With it being affordable housing, there is not much wiggle room in what you can do to make your offer stand out compared to other offers. With over 25 offers in on the home we ended up winning the contract and my client was ecstatic about the outcome. The reason why this stands out to me so much is because of the extra work that was put into this deal to make sure we stood out. The extra phone calls building rapport with the listing agent as well as the emphasis on my buyers desire to live there. He followed this up by explaining that "the reason I love helping people find their home is because of the emotional attachment people have to this purchase in life. This is not a small decision in anyones life and to be the person who gets to help my clients find their home - whether its their first, or the home they expand to because their family is growing, or the home they retire to -- is so much more rewarding then any other profession out there."

    Josh Guokas

    Buyer's Agent

    License Number: FA.100076577

    Josh is a Colorado native who is passionate about guiding and educating his clients as they make one of the most important purchases of their life. In his own words, '...seeing the look on someone’s face when they find the home they want to build memories in is an amazing thing! In my opinion there is no greater feeling than finding a place where you want to live and build memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Being chosen by my clients to help them in that process makes me feel honored!". Josh is confident and savvy when it comes to helping his clients to get the best possible deal in a competitive market, and places a premium on ensuring his clients are educated around every facet of the home they look to purchase. Josh has deep roots in the community as someone who was born and raised in Colorado - and one who has began raising his own family here - and it is this deep sense of community that helps him guide his clients towards the right neighborhood to call home.

    Tyson Mullis


    License Number: 035285